In focus

Are you a student still in college with a great ambition or a tired & frustrated job seeker?

Job hunting can be tough on our personal esteem.  It is even likely that the rejections faced after appearing in several job interviews could be discouraging even if we are entirely confident in our own professional abilities.  Even the most optimistic person will feel a little down & it is not the best way to achieve success!

I guess, for freshers, the main reason behind this would be lack of strong knowledge of basics.

Let’s just imagine, you are a candidate who is strong in the basics of technology & speaks the corporate terms while attending interviews, I swear you deserve this job!!!!

The people who are interviewing you will admire your effective communication skills.

Besides this, there are a few more expectations from the corporates from the employees they hire.

”The expert in anything was once a beginner”.

One such expectation is enterprise readiness.  Enterprise Readiness implies possessing a minimum knowledge of basics of the core area in which we are interested. So let us start our journey towards enterprise readiness, as we are going to concentrate on the basics of web development, current trending technologies, testing and many more such skillsets to get aware of whichever is required &  help the candidates to understand their domain of interest before attending interviews.

”let us start thinking about our possibilities rather than our limitations!!!”